christina beckett


Hello! So glad you found me! My name is Tina and I'm a mother, wife, photographer, homeschooler, and a million other hats that we as parents wear. I am seriously addicted to coffee, think that Youtube has all the answers, and seriously think Amazon Prime was invented for introverts like me who try to find ways to never leave the house. Yes, I'm a total introvert. I like to think it's what makes me so keenly aware of the emotions charged in simple interactions and helps me capture beautiful ordinary moments and expose them for how extraordinary they really are. I see my life as art and I would love to help you see yours as art as well. If you think we'd connect, I'd love to work with you!

The CBP Client

So, who hires me? My clients are from all sorts of backgrounds but the one constant is their appreciation of photography and what it means. We work together to document precious moments in their lives that can never be experienced again. The everyday exchanges that your heart will ache for as time passes by. Pregnancies, births, fresh squishy newborns, your family just as they are in your own home with your precious routines and hearts captured, and so much more. My clients are soulful people who allow me into their lives to create the artwork that is their lives.